Master Key Lock System

With a master lock system, the security and access control of large buildings are both enhanced. Let us help you decide which system is ideal for you. We provide master key loMaster Key Lock System Miltonck system Milton installation but can also convert current cylinder locks to work with one key. It takes long experience and updated knowledge in order to install such high security systems. Rest assured that our pros here at Locksmith Milton have got what it takes.

What’s so unique with master key lock systems?

The idea of an apartment, commercial property, or office master key system is to provide access to all key holders and enhance key management. Such systems are fixed up so that a number of door locks will work with the same key. This is called master key and is usually used by managers, certain members of a company, superintendents etc. You can have also get sub-master keys to grand some people access to multiple areas within the building. Lastly, all door locks will also operate with their unique keys, called change or servant keys.

Why do you need a master lock system?

With the ability to have grand and sub-master keys, you decide who will have access to most or all areas in the building. Whether you install a commercial or apt master key system, tenants will have their own keys and thus independence. But you will be sure who has access to which areas and thus be able to control security and access. And then it’s about convenience since you don’t have to carry with you many keys to open all doors. One will be enough.

Why trust our locksmith for master key system solutions?

Whether you choose a simple or sophisticated master key lock system, we can install it correctly. Our techs have experience in all variations and can provide solutions tailored to your building’s needs. If you want to convert standard cylinder locks to master locks, we can still help by rekeying them accordingly. Our locksmiths in Milton, Ontario, are experienced, certified, and licensed. We offer fast service and do affordable work. Reach out to us if you need more info about a master key lock system in Milton.